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“Rangoli Kolam”

Rangoli is a symbol of beauty, its decoration adds to the beauty of the house. If you are also looking for “Rangoli kolam” then here you will find a special selection and collection of Rangoli Design Photos which you can share with your friends, family, mother, sister.

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What is Rangoli kolam in simple words?

Rangoli is considered a symbol of beauty, harmony and prosperity. There is a special tradition of making Rangoli of this special form in every auspicious work. Special types of Rangoli are made on these special occasions. Different types of colors are used in these special occasions. Rangoli is made all over India during various festivals, festivals and seasons.

Colors are mainly used by grinding rice grains, rice grains, flowers, and sand. Nowadays this tradition has developed more, now the trend of making Rangoli inside and above the water is also going on fast. Apart from this, the art of making rangoli from flowers has also become fast.

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Special selection of Rangolis that pleases your heart. Rangoli, especially not only in India but also in some countries of Asia, the tradition of making Rangoli has been going on since the last decade. It is being transferred from one generation to another, in this order of transfer, the form, color and pattern of Rangoli have also changed rapidly. This change is very visible in today’s time.

Changes are taking place in everything with time, so due to the change of Rangoli, there has been a lot of change in the art of filling Rangoli of the people. There are some gifts for you on this change that you will surely like.

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Why Rangoli is made , Importance of Rangoli

Our life is like a Rangoli and also like a theatre, all of you must have seen that surely we design Rangoli according to our choice in front of our house or in the courtyard of the house or any kind of Create symbols.

So through today’s post, we are going to tell you the benefits of making Rangoli and what are the advantages of making Rangoli in ancient scriptures along with details about all these topics.

After reading this post, I can claim all of you that you will get complete details about the importance of Rangoli and you will not need to read any other post.

Importance of Rangoli

Certainly such colors are available on this earth which take away all the troubles of our life. This means that whenever a person enters the courtyard of the house. Whether that person is coming to the courtyard of the house for work on his own or he is coming back from the market for some work.

And as you all know that whenever we are out of the house then there are many types of worries in our mind or many types of emotions keep going on due to which we are very upset but as soon as we enter the courtyard of the house I am returning after doing my work with these problems, then when we see a beautiful beautiful “Rangoli Kolam” in the courtyard of the house, a smile comes up on our face and all the problems and worries are in our mind and brain comes out of.

So definitely according to our ancient scriptures and religions why Rangoli is made so that if we are sad from somewhere then seeing that Rangoli our mind gets nutritious.

Why Rangoli is made

There is also a reason behind this and the reason is that there is a special posture while making Rangoli in it and along with it there are two fingers of our hand by which we make Rangoli by holding it.

Due to which, while making Rangoli, our body is connected to the central part on the ground, which is called gravity in astrologer or physical language, it means that the house where Rangoli is made, there is more gravity, that is, the power of attraction.

Apart from this, there is also an ancient saying that when a lamp is lit after making a Rangoli in the evening, then in the evening, when the animals enter their house, Goddess Lakshmi also enters the house with them.
Where does it go that in the house where the lamp is lit above the Rangoli, Goddess Lakshmi also enters that house after seeing the light. This tradition can be seen even today in large quantities in rural areas.

Apart from this, according to astrologers, it is also said that auspicious communication always remains in the house where Rangoli is made. It is also said that if there is a lot of problems or quarrels in the house, making Rangoli in such a house removes all the problems and quarrels from the house.

How to make Rangoli on water?

Friends, you all know that we can easily make Rangoli on the floor above the courtyard, but do you all know that we can make Rangoli on the water as well. There are some steps to make Rangoli on water-

Some products or equipment are needed to make Rangoli on water

  1. A large bowl, 2. Pure cold water, 3. Salt, 4. A small spoon, 5. Any face powder (Pounds powder or Nicely powder), 6. A small strainer

Interaction usage method :-

  1. Take pure water in a big glass bowl. Four or five spoons of salt have to be put inside it with the help of a small spoon. Adding salt increases the density of water, due to which the Rangoli floats in water for a long time. If we keep empty water in the bowl, then the Rangoli does not last for long. After adding salt, mix the salt and water well so that the salt dissolves completely in the water.
  2. After opening the salt, any pound powder or nail powder or any face powder is to be taken. The taken powder has to be put on a layer over the Babul water with the help of a sieve. The layer of powder should be thick so that water does not come out on top of the powder. If more work is to be done, then more layer of powder has to be applied. By applying more layer, water will not be able to come above the powder and Rangoli will remain for a long time.
  3. Now you can prepare Rangoli of your choice on that powder layer. In this way, we can prepare Rangoli in a very easy way by doing it above water at our homes. Rangoli made on water is very beautiful and attractive in appearance, which attracts people towards itself.

How to make Rangoli under water?

Friends, you have come to know about how to make Rangoli above water, but you should also know that Rangoli can be designed under water also, you can make it easily at home. For this some products are required which are as follows:-

  1. Rangoli powder, 2. Steel bowl, 3. Any coconut oil, 4. Pure water

Interaction usage method –

  1. First of all pour 10 or 12 drops of coconut oil in a steel bowl or vessel and mix it well with the help of hands all around. If the vessel is small then use less drops and if the vessel is large then apply more than 12 drops.
  2. By doing this the rangoli gets fixed with coconut oil and the rangoli does not come over the water.
  3. After applying coconut oil, you can make any beautiful Rangoli of your choice. And after making it, let it dry for some time.
  4. After drying for a while, I have to pour water in a steel vessel. Water should be pure and fresh. Pour only 1 to 2 inches in the watered vessel, do not pour more water than this. while pouring water
    Gently pour the water into the bowl from one side of the bowl or container. If you pour water quickly at once, then the rangoli made in the bowl may come up, so pour water slowly inside the bowl or vessel.

In this way you can make a beautiful and attractive underwater Rangoli which looks very beautiful and attractive.


  • PAPER CONE: Who can make a magazine paper paper to make a dot that is used to make a dot in Rangoli. It is also used to fill Rangoli in Rangoli boxes.
  • Jayam’s box: This is a plastic box, after cutting the lid on it, a mesh can be made into a box for stuffing Rangoli.
  • SANITIZER BOX, SAMPO KA BOTALS : They are used to make dots and draw long lines.
  • Spoon: The spoon is used to make petals in Rangoli.
  • Bad Marker Pen : It is used for making scolds in Rangoli. Also it i used for making designs, used for making flowers.
  • Medicine drinking cup : It is used for making swear words in Rangoli.
  • Pencil: It is mainly used for making flowers.
  • Needle : Used for sewing fabrics Large shape : It is used to draw lines on the sheets.
  • Brengle box: Brignell box can be used to make more than one point by making small holes in this box in a line.
  • Thali: It is used to make a circular shape of Rangoli. Apart from this, if there is a round large utensil in the house, this utensil can be used to make a circular shape
  • Tea strainer: it is used to strain the Rangoli

Friends, I hope you have understood this information. And I have given detailed information about all the tools that are needed to make “Rangoli-Kolam”. Apart from that, we can also use the useless items from our houses to make “Rangoli Kolam”.

Can women make Rangoli during periods?

Rangoli Kolam

Often it happens that during a festival like Navratri, Deepavali, Pongal, Onam, Lakshmi Puja, Ganpati Festival, Holi, Dussehra and many other feasts, festivals, worship of gods and goddesses, periods of women come due to which For this reason, women should do Rangoli in front of the courtyard of the house or not.

Period in women is a monthly cycle in which women have to go through their period every month. According to many religions and Vedas, scriptures, the period is considered impure, period, but Rangoli can be made in front of the court when a feast comes during the period.

In Hinduism and the Vedas, worshipping a deity during menstruation, touching the place of deities, touching deities, or touching material associated with worshipping deities is completely impure and considered unwholesome. Be it a deity.

During menstruation, that is, when the period comes today during a festival, the deities and their place and all their materials should not be touched by a woman who is in her period, nor should she disturb the work of the deities. The hands should be shared. During the period, a constant distance should be kept from the work of the deities and goddesses for 5 days.

During the festival, 4 to 5 days after the onset of menstruation, women should purify themselves with kuhurin and gangaajal after taking a completely clean bath, and then they can worship the gods and goddesses.

Apart from this, during the period, women can chant the name of their Gods and Goddesses. Along with this, any other member of the house can get the deities worshiped in his name.

If, on the occasion of a festival during the period, a woman wants to make or thinks of making a rangoli in front of the courtyard of the house, then such women should purify themselves with Ganga water and cow urine after taking a perfectly clean bath. Only Rangoli can be done in front of the inner courtyard of the house. Apart from this, note that Rangoli should be done in the courtyard of the house only. Do not make rangoli instead of gods and goddesses, because you have already been told that the worship of gods and goddesses during the period and everything related to it, or do not touch the same thing.

Apart from this, after making Rangoli during the time, do not make a lamp of earth or any other material on the Rangoli or light it on the Rangoli because deepak is lit in the name of its deities, so during the time, the lamp should not be lit on the Rangoli. Do not burn

In which countries Rangoli is made?

Rangoli making or Rangoli design is very tempting for every woman. Women make Rangoli with different types of different colors on every festival in the courtyard of the house. India is a country where people from different classes, different religions and different sects live. As far as making Rangoli Design is concerned, Rangoli Design’s made in the southern region of India i.e. Tamil Nadu, Hyderabad, Kerala, Karnataka, Orissa, Goa and all the other linguistic states of the south.

Rangoli Kolam Rangoli designs are also known by different names in India due to different communities and different language styles. Apart from this, India is a world leading country where people remain connected with their ancient culture, ancient civilization no matter in which country they live, hence Rangoli are made in front of the houses of all people living outside India. Such countries are America, Canada, Cambodia, Brazil, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and there are many countries where the people of India live, Rangoli is made in front of the courtyard of the houses on all these countries. is made.

At which place should Rangoli be made?

Making Rangoli and making Rangoli-Kolam designs are both the same thing. There are many festivals in India, many festivals, many festivals, every month one or another festival or festival comes and to celebrate this one or another festival, it is auspicious to make Rangoli in front of the courtyard of the houses or to make Rangoli Kolam designs. It is believed. Moreover, the beauty of the house increases by making Rangoli, which makes the house look more beautiful.

Rangoli is made in every festival, festival and many other celebrations in India but we don’t know in which place should be made before making Rangoli design or Rangoli alarm.

Every person house or home is different to make Rangoli column or Rangoli design. Someone’s house is completely kutcha houses and its yards are also kutcha, that is, kutcha house means a house made of mud which also has mud in its yard. Every week the yard of the house is smeared with cow dung.

However, there are also houses that are built entirely of bricks and their courtyard is covered with concrete or plaster or tiles. In such houses, the courtyard is cleaned with water every week.

So when it comes to the question of where to make Rangoli, make sure that the correct way to make Rangoli is the one that has been practiced since ancient times. Since ancient times, the oldest way to make Rangoli in front of the courtyard of the house is to smear it with cow dung in the courtyard of the house and dry it slightly. In this way, the Rangoli will remain in its state for 1 week and will remain in its state for a long time.

Rangoli can also be made if the house is made of burnt bricks and the yard of the house is covered with concrete or tiles, but the Rangoli made in this way will be completely spoiled by strong wind or light rain. become
So if you want to make a Rangoli, you can apply as much green cow dung on the tiles as you want.

Apart from this, cow dung is considered a complete and auspicious work in the scriptures and Vedas. At the same time, the beauty of the house and yard seems to be peaceful after you smear cow dung on the courtyard of the house.
If the courtyard or the house of your house is tiled, then you can also make Rangoli on the tiles.